4 Week Workout Challenge

4 Week Challenge

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback this Summer from people who are looking to dive into a relatively short, structured program that will help them stay committed and get results.

Ask and you shall receive!
Maybe you want to burn off a bit of that summer BBQ bulge or maybe you just want to look extra hot in your Halloween costume. Don’t laugh, it’ll be here before you know it.
Whatever your goal is, we’re going to help a small group of people build a stronger, jaw-droppinger (yes, that’s totally a word) body in just 4-weeks. For a ridiculously low price.
The cost: $160.
Still interested? Click here to register.
 Here are the headlines:
- 4 Weeks
- 4 Days per Week
- Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday @ 6:30pm
- $160 (Breaks down to $10 per class)
- Start date: Monday September 17th
- Location: Central Park. 59th St & 5th Ave
- If it rains, we move indoors  
- Nutrition tips given along the way
The program starts with a fit challenge that will allow you to assess your individual fitness level. From there, we dive in.  
Each workout will be a 45-minute high-intensity bodyweight training session. Each proceeding week we crank it up a notch.
Seeing and feeling your body get stronger is something that can change your life. We’ve experienced it ourselves and have seen it happen for our clients.
Registration opens to the public tomorrow. But we’re offering a discounted pre-registration to our friends and family for the next 24-hours.
Discounted pre-registration price: $139 (that’s $8.68 per class. Un-freaking-real!)
Once you’ve registered, you’ll get an email with instructions for next Monday.
Click the link below to sign-up and get ready to start bouncing quarters off you’re a$$!

Know someone you think would be interested? Share this! If they sign up, you’ll get two free Open Classes.

See you out there!

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